• She did it again every time she comes on here she begs for other men or girls and it tears my heart to shreds it rich need to pieces it runs my day I can't think of nothing else and it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts I just want to die and since I'm not suicidal I will cry for days she ruined my life

  • It's cool man, you gotta focus on everyone else you can feel pleasure with! Go get em!

  • Not happening this time Jack old buddy she hurt me bad man she's sucking hurt me bad bad bad bad she fucking hurt me bad

  • I just fucking want to die right now seriously I don't want to fucking live through this shit and it does this to me every fucking time I see her fucking name somebody bucking shoot me

  • She is ruining this site for me. I know who she is she is playing games for her own sexual kicks at the expense of my soul.
    I cannot check the topics without seeing some of the crap that she is doing and it tears me to pieces literally I get sick it hurts me so bad I just want to die I can't come here without seeing the things that she does to hurt me and she gets her sexual kicks out of it in the process and that just really upsets me I can't explain to you and me rewards how wrong this is
    My life was bad enough when just my soul was dying but now she is killing my heart and taking with it the last remaining will to live away. No longer do I find enjoyment being here with my friends all I do is get sick because somebody is intentionally ruining things for their sick pleasure I just want to cry I just want to die and I just want to be loved for real not played and deceived I just want the pain to go away and I want happiness to return and I wish with every fiber of anything that I have left that I had never met that girl I want my heart back.
    If I had a way I would betray her secrets to her boyfriend her she is cheating on I truly would I would rat her out in a New York second exposing her for the nasty cheap slut that she is

  • Hey, please stop. I get that your upset. Calm down, whoever your taking about, forget about her. She doesn’t exist anymore. If anyone tries to make you upset, ignore them, why do you care what they say or do? I’ve tried suicide before. It won’t work. Everything that you’ve ever worked for would be gone. Keep trying, please, you are stronger than this.