• What is life.??????.....

  • @Jimmý
    According to me, their is no perfect definition of life. Definition of life changes with people and situation. If you are happy, you're definition will also be happy. Likewise, if you're sad, your definition will also be sad. It cannot be defined in definate words.

    Life is a journey and everyone here, has their own roles to play. Good - bad, Angels - devils, everything is needed to maintain a balance in universe. Everyone has their own share of good deeds and bad deeds.

    It's all about the choices you make. If you want to be happy, then laugh right now. To sum up, you have to live till the end and you have enough strength for that. Life is full of surprises, sometimes it's gold and sometimes it's stone. But you have to accept each and everything.

    Learn, Grow, And move on. :) :) :)