Walkin around, thinkin why am i so lost but i realise, its like im born without a spot, mudblood, im the one always forgot, like my mother sometimes i wish i were born white i don't look like either side so when young i used to lie i didn't know the answer being questioned of my i- DENTITY when kids would even threaten me when i was 5 never met my father, chose the worst instead of right, i seen a photo, still ive never seen his face he doesnt smile, they all say ive seen the worst as a child, but i don't see it that way, im more grateful today, 14 i ran away, so i think its a quick pace, the way i recover, i left behind a little brother, a mother whos son wouldnt love her for a decade, and still i blame myself, for losing a friend to a rope, left behind his daughter n wife, with no note, garuanteed, him and my son would be alive, if i didn't put my time, in to people who will lie and make excuses all there life, so out of work, and that is why, without the money no one loved me, so my heart i left behind losing hope can take your life, so no more on will i rely, i actually lft for one thing and that was suicide, and my son hadnt even died,dissapearred over night, went to sydney, just for life, and and now my losses i will cry, eventually, save it for future time,