• I met the love of my life from an international dating blog two years ago, so basically, my girlfriend and I have been dating for two years. I wanted to marry her so I asked her two weeks ago. Unfortunately, she said NO and it broke my heart into pieces. She said she’s not ready to build a family yet and I understand. I couldn’t accept what had happened. For one week, I have been unwinding but it only made me miss her more. On the following day, I went to her house just to see her. But when I arrived there, her brother told me she moved with his fiancee abroad. I didn’t want to shed tears in front of her brother but I couldn’t stop it. She signed up for internet brides two months ago and that’s where he met his fiancee. I didn’t know what wrong I did for her to leave me like this. This feeling is killing me. What should I do?

  • @george11 Mah man... I got you. I'm the best with advice, @abby.22 will tell ya.

     1. You can go over to her fiancé's house and challenge him to a fistfight. If you beat him, she'll be head over heels for you again. (This one depends on the size of the guy.)
     2. If #1 doesn't work, try consulting her in an adult-like matter. That you didn't know she had a fiancé and you felt as if you were being used as a side piece (believe me man, I know how that feels). (This one depends on how much she'll listen to you and understand.)
     3. If the first two don't work, don't worry. All you need is a knife/gun, a shovel, the lack of knowledge that she knows, and take her fiancé out to a field. (This one depends on her awareness or his fear.)