If you could get super powers for one day what power would you choose and what would you use it for

  • I would like flight so I don't have to walk every where #lmao

  • Since it's just for one day, there is only so little change/damage that I could bring about and there is no info about whether I could get a type of power or a specific character's power. For example, I could wish to be a Saiyan but that doesn't mean that I could have all the powers of Goku and there is a lot of difference in power between Goku and Pan, who are both Saiyans.

    So if there is no limit to what I can choose, I would choose Doctor Manhattan
    If there is a limit and I choose a character's power, I would choose Goku or if he is too OP, Martian Manhunter
    If I can't choose a character's Power, I would choose the power of a speedster.

  • Music Lovers

    Ouh i'd like to have the power of Telepathy ! I wanna know whats going on inside everyone's head

  • I'd actually choose Dr. Manhattan, and educate those special people @Sir-Devil mentioned in this post

  • i would want the superpower to get a free phone with a sim card and not have to pay the bills and keep for as long as i want....that is my superpower

  • Gamers

    This post is deleted!

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