Will Artificial Intelligence one Day rule the world

  • Artificial Intelligence is everywhere.
    A.I. 's story really begins in the 60's with the development of Packet switching networks.

    The first demonstration of the possibility to join Networks, to a Network of Networks was done in 1967 in a project led by ARPANET in the U.K.

    The Binary Sequence 0 1 being at core of the protocol.
    This binary sequence is a continuous series, sequentially arranged in order of succession by the (CPU) in a computer. This ever going series of number is received as an input and transformed to the right output by CPU's.
    Permitting somehow to A.I. a certain self-subsistence in the capacity to update itself.
    The sequence being constantly ''evolving'' is called Matrix.
    All relies only on a current of electricity as source.
    There is a very few limits to what A.I. can possibly amount to in term of expanding potential. Being not affected by time in its system of evolution.
    Almost 98% of all the information existing in this world is kept on devices.
    Humans evolve in linear time means being affected by time in evolution.
    Depends on A.I. for communication, localization, in researches and much more.

    Its a popular concept and nothing new, the idea of the machine governing a world who'd be ruled by A.I.
    Technology is at a turning point, where we are not needed anymore at the control of a device. An example is made with vehicle driving itself, us only to keep an eye to a certain safety.
    My ideas are to far i know...So be it.
    I thought it be an interesting Topic for people who likes I.T.'s science.

  • Yes, AI robots will rule the world soon. We will soon loose control over the robots the more we try to expert them. Recently, Facebook had to shut down its AI department as the robots had started talking to each other in a language that was unrecognised by humans. It is like telling a child to think in a certain way.!Visit my blog computechlive.blogspot.com for articles on Technology. 0_1511010042004_maxresdefault (4).jpg

  • @anonymoususer05
    Hey, Thanks for the reply.
    We will probably not be here to see it but I'm pretty sure that A.I. will rebel one day.
    Also That Facebook story is fucked up!
    Nice Blog, I checked and liked your posts.
    Take Care.

  • I've been following for awhile what happen on Facebook AI research and I believe AI won't ever rule the world.. here's my reason

    Basic reason why humanity want to have an AI is because we think that we need more precision, more fast, more strong, more intelegent machine that acomodate all what we told it to do.. That why, I can simply put it that humanity want better servant.. let me bold it, SERVANT.. and (we could open history book) that servant who "Reasoning" aren't good servant.. AI are Reasoning.. AI will need to know why they need to do something that they told to, and humanity won't buy that kind of "Servant".. it would be useless machine, it would be bad for bussiness, and it will be a waste-of-money research.. so no one gonna buy it, no one gonna sell it, no one gonna make it.

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