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  • What do you think which is the best currency to invest in going onwards for the maximum profit

  • @talkwithstranger Ripple is the best crypto currency to look into now , because being a liquidity provider for stake giants like Santander , Mitsubishi bank of tokyo , Axis bank , Money Gram is huge , institutions like this wont just be signing in partnerships with ripple labs , tomorrows finance institution will soon ten to use ripple in order to beat down cost , in way of reducing the friction involved in sending money to other parties a , Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies out there, will always tell their clients to stay away from the banks ,federal regulators and also to stay away from the dollar , but the banks are not moving away , they here to stay .
    Ripple brings us the , internet of value , which acts as a bridge connecting both banks and fiat currencies as one network , which moves money at the rate at which information travels on the internet

  • @spencer123 hope my reply answers your question , thanks guys for the question