• if you are interested in crypto currencies, like bitcoin , Ripple xrp , New york coins just send me a private message or text me on my email [email protected] ,thanks , there is lots and tans and tans of money to be made dont ever miss out on this , the block chain system is revolutionizing the payment industry ,there is going to be a paradigm shift from the old ways to newer innovations, Lets unit for crypto and spread the good gospel to our family and friends , we love crypto and we will die for crypto , Liquidity and friction no more becomes an issue , current rails designed by ripple labs of for transacting value , money for remmitance transactions will travel at the rate at which information is sent online , thanks to the ripple effect we have in using a virtual currency called XRP , which is designed to process 50,000 transactions per sec, there is no digital asset out there to be compared to the robustness of XRP in facilitating payments

  • Naiive, stupid and just plain mumbo-jumbo.

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