• Soul Searchers

    I want to get off. I'm not going to fill this space with a bunch of woe is me bullshit. I feel like I must have done something wrong somewhere along the lines possibly in a previous life I don't know but lovers and friends have betrayed me walked out on me and died all recently.
    This combined with various other happenings and events along with where I reside have driven me to the point where I no longer have any desire whatsoever to be alive.
    I'm not suicidal or I would be dead. I haven't lived for a long time I just quit living I subsisted because I'm not suicidal but in order to live you have to function and do things I just get by blah blah what keeps me going is helping people that's what I do and when people need me it gives me purpose and direction.
    But when all you have are needy people that use and abuse you and your friends and lovers betray and abused you it adds up I just don't care anymore they're taking my soul completely away and it doesn't look like it's coming back to this planet and I miss my soul so I want off this planet

  • Idk how to help. I just know It doesn't mean you have done sth wrong. Maybe It's just the wrong people were in ur life

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