• What is it? It's okay to cry, whether is it tears of joy,tears of pain, or tears of anguish :D

  • @Bela-Hella ops! O.O I see..
    This too shall pass. Sometimes, our cause of happiness will also be our cause of pain. Cheer up! :)

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    YESSSSSS, my tear ducts exploded for the first time in two months yesterday. Crying lets pathogens out and because I hadn’t cried in so long and life was getting overwhelming, my brain got piled up and then

    BOOM! 💥


    I mentally break down. Anyway, I felt great afterwards and then I got tiramisu with a bunch of booze in it.

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    @cjko yes, it is someone and becoz of something .. I rarely cry but same reason,same person, same happiness lol

  • @cjko I have this crush on a girl and I cried because I realised I couldnt be with her and also because of the fact that why I always crush over someone I can not have.

  • @cjko

    Yes it did, it was a mix of a "someone" and "something" that same "someone" had to go tho / did! When you are in love I guess it's natural that someone can make you cry cuz of all those reasons and personally I'd rather have someone like that and cry because of all those reasons then live a tearless life which might sound less painfull but it's really much more boring and hollow!

  • @cjko I don't cry often, but about a week ago I went to a pet show where all the pets can do cool tricks and stuff. One of the dogs was very excellent, he was really responsive, a good listener, and he was so kind to the other animals, people, and children. At the end of the show one of the ladies talked about how all the animals were rescues, and the dog that was the star of the show came to them because his owners left them at their door step. They said he was "too much to handle" and that he "absolutely couldn't be trained". I couldn't hold in my tears. HE WAS THE GOODEST BOY AND HE KNEW THE MOST TRICKS AND HE WAS THE BEST BEHAVED. I just cant believe someone would abandon such a good boy.... I just might cry again 😭😭

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    @cjko yeah everytime when I hear/read the word "Going or Leave" I'm overwhelming. It's like I'm hella crying inside but no water drops outside. Weird maybe my eyes were weary and heart already calloused

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    @cjko Lol im talking about myself 😂

  • @Bela-Hella there's no wrong in crying because of someone. That's okay :)
    You don't have to deny it

  • @Lurker wow , you haven't move on still?
    Well, that's naturally part of being in love. If you really love that person , it's okay to cry for her. It means you just have feelings for her and you are deeply connected with her. Pain demands to be felt , let yourself bleed and cry. That shall pass soon. Good luck

  • @BustDownKatiana I see.. you are having a hard life recently but good thing is you survived. I agree about crying as releasing hormones, you will feel light and calm after crying. That's the magic there! You just have to cry if you feel there's an elephant on your chest.. :)
    Tiramisu is yummy btw, you stress eat a lot?

  • @Barton yeah, you have to limit your crushes too into 3 maximum. Haha

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    @cjko said in Have someone/something made you cry recently ?:

    @Bela-Hella hmm roles like what? You have multiple personalities too ?

    Haha lol no.. being in roles doesnt mean multiple personalities.. I called it grace under pressure , simply Versatile :-)

  • @cjko
    Its been years since I cried so I can’t really relate with the feeling of crying outta sadness. Its like my body and mind have developed a defense mechanism against crying/pain. Whenever I’m in pain or I’m hurt, I usually smile like hell. Its like an uncontrollable smile.
    But I did experience few drops of something in my eyes recently when one of my buddies cracked the lamest joke ever. It was like one of those moments where you couldn’t control your laughter no matter what. So I guess those water-droplets formed in eyes counts.

  • @cjko
    Sure is.
    Used to be an expert in that field myself.
    But here, nobody effing get my jokes.

  • @cjko Yeah i cried myself to sleep yesterday.......well just because of my crush..but i'm pretty good now :)

  • I no longer cry.
    What's even the point of it if no one is ever going to witness these tears, anyway?

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    I recently met a girl👩 at the bus🚍 stop.
    when i saw her my heart❤ skipped a beat.
    I have no words to describe her beauty😍
    Her smile☺ is the best thing i have ever seen.
    I looked 👀at her and saw the rest of my life in front of my eyes👪
    I felt like she's the love❤ of my life💑
    I started developing  a huge crush😘 on her, ever since.

    Then one fine morning, I met her in the temple.
    I gathered all my courage and told her I have huge a crush😘on you. And i was disappointed💔 with her answer.
    Then tears😢 started rolling down on my cheeks.
    I asked and questioned myself till when will i have crush on her!
    Why I am letting her hurt me?
    she's temporary  and this emotion
    is also.
    there is no need to cry😭 for her.
    I am not an emotional fool.
    I  should be strong💪 enough to control my feelings.💛

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    @cjko I dont deny allergy of denying.. just really myself, I always like to portray roles :-)

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