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    I don't know about you peeps, but i'm absolutely loving this Corona virus situation πŸ€—.

    It brings out the worst in most people, look at the little hamsters hamster to save their own guts, they don't care if their fellow human dies of hunger. In the end people are such stupid easily indoctrinated egoist beings.

    Now i'm a bit of a survivalist and was prepared for a situation like this, yup even got a gasmask 🀷.
    It's a hobby the people that are panicking and hamstering now (and infecting eachother while doing so), made fun of. Now, i laugh at them πŸ˜„

    Don't you just love the empty streets, no cars, no noise, no asshole humans getting in my way as i walk around (and of course avoid a human when i see one, but i did that before Corona as well LOL). Nowadays it's easier to scare them away when they get close though, just start coughing like you got Corona and watch them run πŸ€ͺ

    Yeah nothing changed for me, but the world has changed and it's just lovely .. i'm having the time of my life πŸ€—

    I hope many of those rats die, by the virus (just a lil cold btw, it's kind of a pussy virus) or by the plumetting stockmarkets. I think more people killed themselves because they lost so much of their precious invested money, than this virus has 🀣 Sweet.


  • @WΔ“Δ“b_BOTs corona duhh, no human interaction no nothing. phew living the dream life

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    @TheRisingSun Okay but it’s actually really fun to have something interesting happen lol. They’ve never closed school for this long (in my state) since ww2

  • @TheRisingSun i wanna choose both option 😞

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    the random chimp event purge is coming

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    i hope you catch corona, nerd

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  • lmaooo xD

  • @lonelydwarf do u love carlota or corona? 🀭

  • @lonelydwarf haha yeah ma bad :D

  • @TheRisingSun , you and me think the same when it comes to prepping. We were prepared and need none of the necessities that these idiots are scrambling for. We even have gas masks, lol, however that’s unnecessary. We certainly see the worst of humanity at this time, for sure. I’m voting no on this simply because I had to cancel my Alaska trip and I’m sad/mad about that! I am however, happy to be a low key prepper because I can relax and not worry about having what my family needs. 😁

  • @TheRisingSun

    I deleted all because I didn't want others to know and pity me. Thank you for listening to me. And I'm sorry If I judged you.

  • To be quite honest, I have always liked tempests and things that shake up the normal. But at the same time I do care for people, and so this hurts me at the same time.

    I always wanted to have a bit of a stock, since it's the smart choice to always be prepared for emergency situations which at least locally are not that improbable to happen. So on that part, before the whole hamstering and idiocy wave began, I stocked up rationally of course – nothing will grow bad, I only bought stuff I will actually use. No gas masks though :joy:...

    And certainly no towers of toilet paper. Water is a great invention... these people would all starve to death, if they had to last without a supermarket for as long as they have bought toilet paper for :face_palm:

    Anyways this global crisis will have a big impact. It's good to be prepared, but you're not prepared for what comes after, for you cannot prepare for that. It'll affect you soon enough. You shouldn't love it, for your own sake.

    And... instead of hating people you might want to think again about the fact, that what is coming has been predicted amongst others in Fatima and Garabandal. And that... what we should be doing is change our ways, because the best thing that could happen for anyone – including the preppers – is this whole horrible situation turned around, which is something God will do, if enough of us ask Him to... So when "the warning" happens (a singular moment where everyone recognizes the state of their soul) remember, that this is an invitation to leave evil behind and return to God... Of course you'll laugh at me for saying this. But it will happen. And you will remember, and this might save you.

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    @sarah_the_magpie said in Got to love Corona:

    i hope you catch corona, nerd

    After you, just like in any good horror movie, blacks die first :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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    And for a second I thought you meant me..πŸ˜“πŸ’”

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    There has been a tie :oo

  • Damn, TRS , It’s a tie! 50/50

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    @daciana you sure were fast to judge me. I could tell you my life's story and you'll understand why i fucking hate people and idgaf if they die or not and why someone elses misery isn't something i care about, but i won't because it's nobody's business.

    And your story, true or not it sure sounds bad, but it won't make me change my mind or see things any differently since i been there and pretty much all humans will be in that situation sooner or later, even if corona wasn't around. Good luck anyways!

  • Greeting happy being!!
    I am glad earth and rest of species are healing..
    Thank you Mr. Covid 19
    Birth rate of human are high and death rates are low in this planet, Because of science and technology and attachments to materialism and orgasm show,being selfish and hurting our mother Earth.
    destroying the natural resources and other species not being aware of Thier existent.
    who the fuck we are? we humans think we need to be protected for ever,lots of species existed extinct before us.
    We humans most populated species in this earth and she will restore the balance to survive herself, mother earth can hold all the Energies and give life support sacrificing herself, still we are in greed to survive instead living with it as it is .
    I observed that people didn't die much on this pandemic what suppose to die, what we heard before in our past history, bcoz of advancement.
    We will be extinct for sure for next coming pandemic and there will no stopping from genocide for ourself, if we don't look at our environment, we have to take strict action, precautions to clean the clutter what we dumped in this beautiful paradise..
    We consider superior species, we have awareness and consciousness..to respond and create things with other species couldn't do.
    Funny isn't it? That we do not think to create better,we should be lucky this isn't a war created by some crazy evil fellow with agenda ..we should be thank full nature is taking it on its hand
    would be very selfcentered lot of negativity if man would do it,pure sense for mother earth to destroy every thing for better tomorrow.
    Save Earth that all!!

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