• Love is a matter of fate coupled with choice & Effort.

    We meet a lot of people throughout our lifespan and befriend many but only few of them arouse some kind of special and a somewhat strange feelings in our heart which we call LOVE.

    So meeting someone is fate ,
    to feel love for someone is your choice ,
    Developing that fledgling attraction into Everlasting love takes Effort.

    Being there for someone in need ,making them laugh ,making them smile even when you're in pain

    ..those things dont happen automatically ,we take conscious decisions ,we decide our course of action ,

    some flee ,some stay ...not all are prepared to sacrifice
    & yet sacrifice is the basis of love.

    ...for those who do , through the lovers efforts ...

    Upon the fertile ground ,Love blossoms.
    Defying a cruel world & a sea of uncertainty they rise up.

    Simple love, kindness and understanding.
    The virtues that repairs the world with gentle embrace.

    To me ,there is no greater treasure in this world. :relaxed: :relaxed: ❀️

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    I think it is leaned towards "effort".
    If you just sit inside your house...eating.... sleeping...repeating.
    keep being anti-social,
    Nothing will change in your life and finding true love will be close to impossible.
    We all know Cinderella won't come to us until we find her.
    So making an effort will help.

    PS - the spoiler is funny.

  • @ragnar Love is a myth

  • -deleted-

  • @ragnar
    Its both!
    Its a process.
    Its written that you will meet your lover. Fate plays its role.
    You meet the person, catch feelings for them, embrace them!
    Then there are differences in opinions, there are misunderstandings, arguements and fights etc!
    So you need to put efforts(everytime) to get back to your lovely relationship!
    Imagine a ship in the ocean... At times there are high tides .. at times it sails smoothly because of low tide! Its goal is to reach the shore!
    Likewise the goal in relationship is to make it till the end together!

  • More so effort, but perhaps they can somehow go hand-in-hand? Essentially everything in reality is all about probability, soo...

  • @evan-elderson It's only real when there's proof

  • @stranger_danger Perfect πŸ’œ

  • @ragnar dude it's combined of some factors πŸ––...... 1st luck should favour ya..... Then u need to put ur effort into it ..... And then ur Fate will decide what will happen hehe πŸ–– So getting a good love = Luck + Effort + Fate

  • @ragnar
    it's fate to meet the person you love and you'll need to exert effort for them to stay

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    @smhsk81 You are wise!

  • @ragnar
    I have no experience in love, ever. But while seeing my parents I think both the factors are included. Fate lead them to meet one another but the effort they exerted was the reason that made their relationship stronger and last for 14 years. πŸ’•πŸ’“

  • @smhsk81 you're right, after u choose someone to love then the effort will follow. Im just saying according to what i been experienced, so it depends on the person. To me, one thing that most important is commitment, and thats the part of effort, but the time when u meet the person u fall in love with (maybe accidentally somewhere, the neighbor, at school or work place, on social media or anywhere else), thats the part of fate bcz u dont even plan it.

  • @evan-elderson nice, who else likes chicken nuggets?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Wedding

  • Draw Rangers Global Moderator SPORTS CLUB

    I don't believe in fate, or at least not in just one. You get to know 
    people by chance, just for being at the right place 
    at the right moment,you aren't destined to them. 
    Effort instead, is required for a relationship to continue in time.

  • @ragnar

    A combination of alot of factors. I like to think about how "FATE" can lead to everything but that is a total complete bs. If you just sit at home or avoid ppl all together, your fate is pretty much set in stone.
    You need effort, fate and luck, alot of luck to find that special someone that is in the same boat as you.

  • Yup, i believe sometimes we need to be hurt in order to grow, we must lose in order to gain, sometimes lessons are learned best through pain.

    We are surrounded by all kind of peoples, we find dirt in peoples, sometimes we should be the one who find gold in peoples, in that way life could be simple

    So however cruel the world is, when we change our mind to be positive, then it wont be cruel anymore.... i think πŸ€”

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