• Do you feel broken, shattered or pieced?
    It doesn't matter where you fall in, its OK, come in and share your thoughts and comments, its no secret that we all have been broken once, twice or even more before.
    Sometimes, to get stronger, you need to be broken a little.
    Your experience could be just what someone out there or in here needs to hear to feel better, stronger and even get past that situation.

  • @xoyee
    Personally right now I'd much rather not relive all that
    I'm still hurt and heartbroken
    But so far today I feel pretty good and I'm in the mood to play heartbreak later I intend to enjoy play time

  • @wet-teri its nice thing you feel pretty good today Teri, make the most out of it. However, try to relief yourself of whatever hurt you have inside soon, that way you won't be a prisoner of your own self.
    Create happy moments, try to distract yourself from feeling hurt, think positively, that's a step forward.

  • @xoyee
    That's exactly what I'm doing right now although I wish I had somebody to play with

  • "I like that you are broken, broken like me" ~

    I am not broken right now but that song was good~