• Here's a question that's been bugging me, and I honestly don't know the answer: Is it bad form to compare what happened with the Nazis with modern, Western politics?

    Let's see if the poll mechanism wants to work today: maybe it'll just give everyone one option and answer the question for us...

    I'm on kind of a Nazi trip after being being instigated to watch Schindler's List by our colleague @Sup. What a film. I love all Spielberg films (I shhh you not, War of the Worlds is my no. 15 all-time fave, https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/post/213859) -- the pacing is flip hot, the story is tight and the characters are eerily real. For the first three minutes he was on screen, I laughed at how similar Nazi commander Amon Goeth sounded to Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time -- and then I laughed no more, because the guy is evil incarnate.

    I first watched Schindlers when it was originally in the cinema, but I appreciate it a lot more now. In my memory, it was just one long depressathon accompanied by that central John Williams violin riff -- but watching it again, it really holds up as a thriller whether you're looking for pathos or not.

    Which brings me to the question:

    WWII and the Nazis seems to be getting mentioned quite a lot in the age of Trump and Brexit. The (alleged) scape-goating of immigrants, the anti-semitism row in the 'Labour' Party, etc. Bojo himself famously wrote a book about Churchill squaring up to Hitler, and you can't help feeling it's the same vibe he's aiming for in his own prime-ministership. Plus, was it cool or cringy when that auld fella stood up and told off Loki in Avengers 1?

    And yet. My personal belief (and you can disagree with it, that's cool) is that the Nazis represented an all-time low for Western politics, and we won't see anything quite so bad again. But if that's the case, are we dishonouring the Jews and all the victims of Hitler by constantly comparing our (comparitively cushy) lives with WWII?

    I honestly don't know. I, for one, see a lot of Amon Goeth in some of the people I work with. I see a lot of the pre-morality-meltdown Oscar Schindler. Is that just me being nuts? Dunno. I repeat: Dunno.