• I'm new, sorry for my bad English. I have pfysically broken heart and i just wait it stops beating. I kind of know it won't just stop without warning signs but what can you do to your toughts and imagination. I am 34yo Male from Finland. I tried similar chat here in Finland to seek answers and maby consolidation (<-is that even a word?) but maby i focused in my condition too much.. So how are you doing? Do you have pet? What you do for fun? No god exist, any god is made up by human. We are on this rock because shit happened and evolution etc. Never the less if you choose to believe its your thing and i'm happy for you :D

  • @valve Hey there and good morning. I'm 41 from England.
    Not been here long, but find it's a great place to meet new people and enjoy learning and joking with other users :)
    I found this place because I was board one night and decided that I need to communicate more. So far, I think I have achieved that.
    With most people here if you want to chat you need to follow theme ( via profile pages ) and be followed back.