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    Today I decided to share some love even for the companies, sites etc. That I hate and what they have done, you know just sharing some love even for the companies that are on the naughty list, because it's Christmas

    1 - Google: Feeling Lucky Button, you know that button you never use, I have to give it some credit. Because of it, Google loses about 11 mil. dollars. Unless nobody heard of it, it redirects to a site instead of googling it, but you have to "feel lucky" they say it still exists to give you a feeling that there still are people that are alive that don't only care about money

    2 - Google: Spreading The Linux, of course, I have to include Google making Android and spreading the word about Linux, also Chrome OS

    3 - Google [AGAIN?!]: Chromium, yeah Google made an open-source browser, it's not exactly that secure but it's great so check it out Y'all hard-core google fans

    4 - Facebook: Downloading your own data, yes you can do that and I feature it because Facebook is putting themselves at risk by doing this, if they have too much info users could do something about it, and maybe you can download other people's info but I haven't tried that.
    Btw Facebook collects data about you even if you don't have an account and you can also download that

    5 - Facebook: WhatsApp, a reasonably secure app it's not that secure but it's somewhat safe and collects less data, cheers Facebook

    6 - VK: Telegram, another reasonably secure messenger, and some people say that's it's more secure than WhatsApp, but it's not still it's very secure for a social media

    and that's about it, no more sharing love to these companies anymore till next Christmas

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    Cool and this rabbit say so too.

  • @spaceboy said in Sharing Some Love <3:

    If don't mind allow, I will add my 5th cents too.

    Microsoft. After all these years you finally understood, that you can not develop the normal web browser engine, and now you finally decided to make the Edge browser as Chromium based browser. I am so happy, that the usage unclean hacks in JS, HTML and CSS will become a history. Once in future, on another Christmas eve, I will sit near fireplace. And I will tell a story to my grandchildren. A story about how the third browser's war was ended. How Internet Explored's descendant became a history...

    But.. For now there is no time to celebrate the victory. By making such step, you make the Google almost a monopolist in web... And many of my kind will persist.. For the liberty and purity of the web standards, in the name of W3C, under the sign of dinosaur and the red panda we will fight!!!

    Actually you know who won? We won. Because Chromium (webkit) comes from KDE. It comes out of the open source world! And we actually have to thank apple for making it big, when they based Safari on it. Then google just went and made it even bigger by hiring some geniuses who made it into the most usable browser out there. And now thankfully microsoft is embracing open source everywhere. So really that is a victory to be celebrated. And believe me, microsoft will not let google steer the project in any direction they don't like – unless they make their OS even more crappy and start to loose customers in big numbers...

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    @JessicaGrant :laughing:


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    @JessicaGrant lol chill. Who cares?

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