i seriously cant take another minute of this man! i have never seen more of a corrupt man in the US next to nixon! watching the news and i am beside myself! not only is this man the biggest bafoon in a suit in power ever, but he is now INTIMIDATING witnesses and impeachment participants! he fired already 2 of them. he has all his cronies backign him and bending rules for him. look at this fat fuck bill barr! see what he did today! they just reduced rogerstones sentence all thanks to fkn barr becaue TRUMP asked him to! he has even told his supporters last night to SABOTAGE THE NH PRIMARY VOTES BY WRITING IN THE WEAKEST DEMOCRAT AND VOTING ON HIM!! this man i cant take another fucking minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you know Mike, Trump's decisions affected many "Hispanics".. we make for roughly 12-15% of the US population. ironically, most Hispanics don't vote and still expect a change.

    let me clarify before someone takes me out of context (story of my life)... I'm Mexican. I'm not in any way criticizing, just stating fat ass facts.

  • then help me vote that fuck out of office! greed, narcissim, power, corruption. that is what makes up donald DUMP. and this crap about how great the economy is. i will gladly tell you why that is if you want. and its the FED more than Mr Dump

  • I do my part and vote.. one canmake a difference after all.. 😉