If we constructed the world with our thoughts, could it be that God really exists for the believer because he created it, and not for the atheist because he did not create it?

  • If we constructed the world with our thoughts, could it be that God really exists for the believer because he created it, and not for the atheist because he did not create it?

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    First, whoever you are, you should congratulate to me on my 1000th post. πŸ˜‰

    Second, DNA is often cited as being so software-like that it must’ve come from mind.
    You might say that software invariably comes from minds, but you forget that minds invariably comes from brains. So where is the brain that houses God's mind ? And, no, software doesn't invariably come from minds. Software can be evolved in a computer where it is randomly changed and tested for fitness, analogue to what happens DNA in the real world.

    Third, what we conceive and what is real, both are opposed to each-other. Someone is real if he is occuring in a fact, it doesn't matter he comes in our mind or not. You mentioned only a property of god 'creator'. Properties does not prove any being's existence. The property can't be reduced to existence either. This world has 753 crores people and 633 crores of them, are theists. Suppose property can prove someone's existence. Yet we can exactly count 'how many people he creates'. If some supposed entity creates more people than him, he cannot be said ultimate creator. Can he ?

    Fourth, assume I'm a theist and I think absolute devil one created me. I can count this β€˜absolute one’ and can prove one more thing which is β€˜more absolute than devil is’. The old devil cannot be proved. I found devil is A={1,2,3,4,5}. I can find set B which is more absolute than that of devil. Set B={1,2,3,4,5,6}. And if you still think it does not disprove devil’s existence. There is no theist till the date, who can accept devil’s and god’s existence simultaneously.

  • Cool post, YD. Not sure if this is a technical question about the scientific / philosophical principles a gestalt universe might operate along, or just wondering whether religious people will be MAGNANIMOUS towards atheists if there is, after all, 'something going on'.

    Personally? If you roll your trousers up and wade into this sea of sh we call life -- I mean, really, bravely get in there -- you're going to get depressed and the last thing you'll want to talk about one way or another is God -- which is why I've got my doubts about atheists. So in that respect, no magnanimosity from me.

    But about the idea of God operating in some other theoretical communal universe -- and atheists being unable to detect him? Dunno. My hunch says reality is sophisticated enough that we can do without him altogether and the only criteria for anyone - whether atheist or theist - to detect a Nth degree religious element is just a willingness to get romantic, and think ever more laterally, and dive down that rabbit hole until you're truly Duck Amuck MUCK'd.

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    i don't think that it's possible for god to simultaneously exist and not exist. it's more of an absolute thing, either he does or he doesn't.

    in any case, i think that your logic would only make sense if we lived in a multiverse, and every single human being had their own personal earth custom-designed for them. in which case, i'd probably like for my earth to be ruled by the gods of ancient egypt. i'd totally accept anubis as my lord & savior~

  • "the world" is a series of images and thoughts appearing within God

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