• Is there any way to rationally believe that God exists? Beyond believing for sure? What are your beliefs?

  • @daenerys Yes god exists...god is in every person who helpe others...god is in you god is in me god is everywhere

  • Honestly, I have no fuckin clue.

    Which God are you talking about? In general? God of Christianity? Atheism?

    Honestly I no longer care if God exists or not. To me my religion is that of Love. How I can love others in the best means possible. I joined a christian community were we didn't work for money but long story short things didnt work out for me and I left and I became homeless for four months after that but I still trusted in God to provide for me and I was provided for really.

    But I always try and question what I believe and I have seen some pretty horrible shit when I was homeless and turning the other cheek is not a reasonable approach. So I kind of left christianity on that and the fact that you can argue for and against God in a million ways its just so fuckin hard to decide.

    But anyway, thats my little take on it. What are yours? :)