• If you do believe in god please describe god,

  • describe god

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    GOD :

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    ALSO GOD :

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  • @stranger_danger stranger pls pray for us too but iwant u to say ur imagination about god

  • Man created God.
    Humans are hard-wired to be curious, we seek explanations behind things. 
    When we don’t find those explanations, 
    the mind forms it’s own conclusions as a way to satiate that curiosity.
    Early humans didn’t have the right explanation as to, 
    how the Sun affects life on Earth, why rain happens, 
    why thunderstorms, who created the Earth and so on. 
    They formed conclusions of a universal force that was controlling their lives and surroundings.
    God became a way to explain these phenomena. 
    Most religions have a concept of a ‘Eternal Divine Light’ 
    somehow related to god, or the god itself.
    The Byzantine mystic, Saint Symeon, 
    revealed a more fundamental meaning when he described the Divine as, 
    “A light infinite and incomprehensible…
    one single light…
    eternal…the source of life.”
    Sounds like our Sun?
    God also became an explanation for life and death, 
    to console the relatives of the deceased that 
    ‘the person is now at a better place with god’ 
    and that they were not alone, 
    ‘god is with them’. 
    People hate the feeling of being left alone.
    Not everyone can take the responsibility of the 
    dire circumstances caused due to their poor decisions. 
    It is easier to shift that blame to someone else. 
    It becomes ‘god’s will’ and that 
    He has already chosen a path for us, 
    these circumstances are just a test for us. 
    There are many such things.
    As centuries went by, 
    cults and religions came into existence 
    to give people a sense of belonging with like-minded folks. 
    With that also came the godmen, 
    messengers of this god who could form a direct connection to god. 
    Religion evolved as a common ground to make it easier 
    for leaders to control a large number of people. 
    Till today, it’s one of the best ways to divide and rule.
    Religion has a very deep hold on people and hooks them emotionally. 
    You may present all facts to a religious person about evolution, 
    any evidences of thousands of year old fossils, everything. 
    But they won’t let go of their religion, 
    because letting go would mean whatever they believed upto now was false, 
    about death of their dear ones - that they are not at any better place 
    they are just dead, 
    about god ‘always walking along them’ to ‘guide their path’ ‘god loves them’ , 
    all of this will be falsified and they will suddenly ‘feel’ alone. 
    Religious people are emotionally attached to god, facts won’t affect their ‘faith’.
    So, in my opinion, god is a creation of man’s imagination. 
    Whether it’s psychologically useful or not, I’m not sure.
    P.S: This answer was compiled from multiple sources like 
    Quora and certain other websites.

  • @batman thx bro for ur replying,,,i got that u r not believed in god existance but i say then who create this universe?

  • @batman Nice Try Satan ...trying to make us not believe in God.

    But I'm a True Believer !!
    ...you cannot shake my faith in the Spaghetti Monster !! :relaxed: :pray:

  • @vahid-0
    Humans will never be able to give a rock solid proof about any existence of god or higher spirit!
    All those videos on youtube claiming to be have found god are mostly created for views!
    And if one says 'this thing' is the evidence, how do we believe thats true.. maybe some one fooled your ancestor too!
    So its just a belief people have!
    It gives them hope and they feel good about it!

  • @vahid-0 said in [What is you imagination about god?](/post/127575):
    > @batman thx bro for ur replying,,,
    > i got that u r not believed in god existance but i say then who create this universe?
    Please let me call the cavalry on this one.


    He is the wisest person to help you with the concept of creation amongst other stuff.

  • @sammy then who create us??

  • @batman no man I'm really curious about people's opinions about god pls say anything about god that u know

  • @stranger_danger dude pls say ur experience about god.

  • I don't believe that there is a god

  • @vahid-0 what do you rely on to affirm that we were created?

  • @vahid-0
    There's a video showing the entire process of how we were created and also.. how that 1st living being came into existence!

  • @shutup someone have created us and created universe too---i mean why we dont accept that there is god

  • @sammy bro i mean when we r alive this mean we have gotten created by someone--i believe that god create us --then there is god--then when we say there is no god we r trying to ditch the mind power that like finding god

  • @vahid-0 I can't accept that there is a god without evidence. Starting 
    off the fact that we have been created (which I repeat, I don't 
    believe), who has created God?
    Unless you accept that God, as the principle of the universe, 
    hasn't been created, but why should we have been created and not him?

  • @vahid-0 NEver really thought about it, but since It's been depicted as a human-like being, that's what I get in mind when thinking about it.

  • I believe in God. To steady my faith, I dont fall in argument.

    P.S. If you wanna question me why so? It's because Science is my least fav subject. I know I'm dumb.

    P.P.S. Some things are meant undiscussed. Speak about it, and you find yourself talking... endlessly.

    P.P.P.S. Truth be told, I am God.

    P.P.P.P.S God above is different.

    P.P.P.P.P.S. Lol. I forgot I'm the angel of death.

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I come here in peace.

    P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I come here to piss, I mean.

  • if there is no god then why are we even living?