• We fear a lot of thinks .
    some fear god, some drugs ,alcohol or sex.
    But is fear any good?
    share your stories on fear if any?

  • Fear and hate are the symptoms of a condition induced by lack of education. These symptoms manifest a lot more aggressive if the affected people have been subjected to religious abuse. Most of the infants subjected to religious abuse will manifest at least the two symptoms mentioned earlier not later than their early 20s.
    Now let's try a more scientific approach to this subject. (I am extremely far from being capable of true scientific reasoning, but I will still try)
    But why are we, the most advanced product of earthly evolution, "gifted" with such an annoyance?

    Fear is the guardian angel of nearly all the forms of life that evolved a "reptilian brain'.
    We benefited from its protection for at least 250000 years. About 5000 years ago fear had begun to lose its benefits. Slowly, in time, it started to become more and more useless. In present days, for most of the members of our species, fear has become no more than an obsolete reaction that reminds us of our lowly origin.
    We need a more efficient prefrontal cortex and a shrinking of our adrenal glands.
    Even though one would say that the process of evolution is to blame for the actions of some people driven by fear, I disagree. Religion has created an environment which slowed down the process of devolving this emotion. In fact, the whole thing is built on fear and hate.
    Only by prioritizing education we can defeat the remnants of a primitive past.
    Politicians need to stop financing the churches from our pockets!
    😁 The text above proves that I need to get a second job.

    I've managed to get rid of those stupid colors.:man_in_lotus_position_light_skin_tone: .

  • @prince-3 Depends how you channelize it...

    Though Fear is neither good, nor bad.

  • Freedom Writers

    I have a quite different approach when it comes to fear. Most of the fear i experience is rather inwards-reasoned. I don't really fear bugs, burglers, society, humans, god, devil, death and all. It's the cycle of life and i understood long ago that those things happen anyways, whether you fear them or not. So i adapt.

    What i rather fear, comes from within. I fear failure, i fear rejection, i fear i'd lose my sanity or touch with reality one day, and helplessly live in some parallel, brain induced universe over which I consciously have no control.

    Those things aren't in my power to control. I'll fear them to death, or until my fears become true. It's down to my core, to the way i was raised, to my brain wiring and chemical (im)balance. I can only control, up to certain levels of stress and mood, how much those fears affect me.

  • Occasionally, fear is actually as much of a good thing as it is a bad thing... especially if you figure out how to use it to your advantage in various ways.

  • @naveen067 Do you have a way?
    Or a story to clearify.
    something that happened to you?

  • What is it with those colors? I'm sorry, I did not write using Rainbow ink, or did I?

  • Freedom Writers

    As for whether it's good or not, i could happily live without it, but if i didn't have that i assume it would've compensate with something else. This is still manageable, i'm good with what i have.

  • @martin_eden very thoughtful and enlightening.

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