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    Okay, so I've been wondering what makes people feel terrified to someone or something.
    For example, many people fear darkness. What makes them fear the dark? Dark cannot do any harm to them.

    What I interpret is - the fear of the unknown
    We mostly fear of things we can't explain. The less we know about it the more terrifying it becomes when we encounter it. It could a fear of what might happen as we are unprepared for it...

    And that's just my interpretation. Tell me what do you think about this and your interpretations about why people fear things

  • Not only me but we all who are very close to their parents , are feared of losing them and the time this thought strikes our mind , tears roll down our eyes.

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    @dangerouswoman we simply fear what we do not understand. Ignorance causes hate and fear, and when your life isn't going exactly how you feel like it should, or you feel stuck in a situation, you can't help but blame others, and make up excuses for problems that have nothing to do with any other factors.

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    i fear losing my mom and dad, i hopes they're okay.. 😔

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    @trose18 Same... I fear to lose my parents as well but more than that my dog. I am scared as he has grown older with time. I got him when I was like 5 or 6 now that I am 15 (turning 16 this year) he's got old and dull. I spent most of my memories with him and now, I just want him to stay forever... which is not possible in this world. Anyway, I hope your parents are fine and I wish them good health and all the happiness 🙂

  • @DangerousWoman said

    What I interpret is - the fear of the unknown

    Indeed ,how true you are ..The only thing to fear is Fear itself..

    I have Thalassophobia -Fear of the ocean.
    I dont really fear the water ...i fear what's in them ..
    96 % of the ocean is unexplored ..but what lies beneath ? ..what is going to come up from the depths & attack me if i get lost in the ocean ...

    ..If I can see i dont fear ,thats why Pacific ocean with its clear blue water is more calming to me than the Atlantic or Indian ocean with its deep dark color..

    My mind is my own worst enemy ..i create my monsters ,they terrify me ...

    I used to be afraid of the dark too , but I saw Elon Musk say that it was his own fear too & how he dealt with it

    "When I was a little kid, I was really scared of the dark. But then I came to understand, dark just means the absence of photons in the visible wavelength--400 to 700 nanometers.

    see , Light is Electromagnetic wave...
    ... but the thing is, even in total darkness the rest of the electromagnetic wavlengths ( x ray ,radio wave ,micro wave etc) are still there...
    if your eyes could see in infrared , x ray ...you could still see everything & it would be just as before

    .So really theres nothing else there that couldnt be when there was light ,its just a trick of mind ..If a ghost could be there in darkness ,it can still be there in your room light ..

    I have used that to reason & calm myself ...doesnt always work ,especially if you wake up from nightmares ..but usually its very good at calming myself..

    Create reason & logical arguements that appeal the most in your mind why the fear is illogical & silly ... maybe that'll help

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    A very nice explanation you gave to the topic @stranger_danger 👍

  • @dangerouswoman fear is a good thing does keep one in check, like curious of something, and personally i fear loosing people i care about.

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    @wagon-dragon I believe I was talking about the reason we fear of things and not what things we fear of but ok

  • Because there might be a snake or hostile person in the dark

  • People generally fear the dark because they can't see (and sight is the most dominant sense in humans), so they don't know if there isn't any danger in there.

  • This is a nice video from vsauce

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    @us-poet I get your point!

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    @plormbo There's a very little chance of that happening but the thought would definitely come to the mind

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    @wojta Not knowing about something does lead us to fear things

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