• Long story short. Mine and my ex's relationship ended kind of bad. We got into a fight and he ended it impulsively. It's been three weeks and he's gotten ahold of me twice about meeting up to talk. Well during our fight the last thing I said to him was that he was coward for breaking up through text instead of too my face and he said he would come over and tell me why and I said forget it I need time. So it looks like he could be reaching out to "tell me why" now since then he hasn't changed his relationship status and his profile picture is still of us. The first time he reached out he said "hey I haven't forgotten about you or us talking" and goes on to tell me about his car being broke down and he hopes I still wanted to talk at least a little bit. I panicked and was happy he reached out but didn't want to talk to soon since the wound was fresh so I said let's try again at a later time. Well a little over a week has passed and he messaged me today asking if we could try talking tomorrow night and he called me "hun" (now to you guys that's a normal term everyone uses but for him that's equivalent to your ex calling you "babe") but to let him know either way. I did agree and said okay but I asked what it was he wanted to talk about and he said that there was stuff he wanted to tell me that he hasn't gotten to yet that he feels I need to hear from him and that he doesnt feel right for what happened and didn't want it to go down that way so basically it sounds like he just feels guilty and wants to apologize but then he said "I hope you'll give me one last chance to make things right" this is the part the confuses me he called me hun twice in the conversation total and then asks to make things right? But everything else sounds like nothing more than guilt. Does he want me back or is he looking for closure? Personally I didn't want to meet up with him if it was to apologize or seek closure because personally for my sake I just want to let it go and move on if that's what happening but if there's a chance to work things out I want to. At the moment I agreed to meet but only because I don't want to miss this opportunity if there's a chance, ya know? What do you guys think because any input or ideas would really help. Not a chance of love without a risk but why take a risk if there's not a chance..... Thanks in advance everyone....

  • My opinion is that if he hurts you once, he will do it again. He may say he won’t but he eventually will. A man that loves you and wants you to be happy no matter the circumstance would never ever hurt you and I know that from a past experience. At the same time if you guys were fighting he shouldn’t of broke up with you over text. all relationships will have problems but the way he dealt with it isn’t the right way to approach the situation. He should of just tried to fix it, instead of pushing you away. I wouldn’t jump back into a relationship with him unless you really feel like he won’t do it again, and that it was just a mistake he made.if you genuinely don’t feel like that or are having second thoughts , do not get back w him !! Always trust yourself and how you are feeling. You two can still talk, but do not feel pressured to be with him just accept his apology and move on because you shouldn’t be guilted back into something you aren’t sure about. You deserve happiness as much as he does.

  • @gianna_16 The guy ur saying waits for an oppurtunity to break with the girl in an easier way,so its virtual way! It just hurts because maybe we do not expect him to say they doesnt care what way to approach.

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    @Angel94647 I see your boyfriend Is a confused person who doesn't even understand his own feelings towards you . He's like unsure of anything , for me that sounds weak ! His personality Is not much mature as I see , so my advice just move on and make a closure .