• Do you believe life will be better or worse for the next generation

  • @leelah My first inclination is to agree with everything @Roney1718 said, although our TWS colleague @petrapark3r wrote an excellent, scholarly essay the other day disproving the myth of a growing world population.

    I'd say it just feels like the population is nightmarishly, claustrophobically increasing due to the lack of housing, the high number of people just 'hanging around', the general laziness of people unwilling to do tangible, manual work (at least, in the UK, where I live).

    Bit depressing all round, innit?

    Let's see if I can think of a fun challenge the youngerz will face.

    Films. We'll get wise to the unsatisfactory nature of reboots, and will be forced to create all-new, more exciting stories and genres. In the future, it will be unimaginable to have anything as lazy as a Star Wars that still relies on lightsabers and stormtroopers, or an X-men story we've all seen a dozen times before with different actors. We'll get completely new stuff. Like my idea: Jerry the Messiah Squirrel (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried).

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    @leelah said in What are challenges the next generation will face?:

    Do you believe life will be better or worse for the next generation

    From what I see, it'll be baaaaad bruh like imagine if your son suddenly kiss a guy in your house sorry for LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ Community some people won't care but whaddaya feel? Your family tree ends to your son? 😂

  • @leelah According to me it will be worse because there will be shortage of living spaces, jobs for the people and there will be less greenery and natural beauty will be eventually lost.Likewise,personally i always wanted to experience walking under a silent moonlight down the roads to feel it's beauty,but still i can't because of everbrightening street lights and noise of the city.Even the village areas are too crowded to experience such thing.All because of increasing human population and technological advancement.

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    @leelah well, as my child IS the future. .....so far, they have a good grasp of what they CAN change. The child will be under pressure to make a difference. Here in the Americans, maybe s/he will solve the next big issue, all I care that they find a measure of happiness.

  • @Sabo-go-thud I hope for happiness too

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