• Soul Searchers

    Got any stories of big Sammy loafing around? One time I was walking through the woods, and saw him bending a tree like a retard. He looked really tired so I says "YO SAMSQUACH!" He turned around and the orange I threw at him bounced off his giant protruding forehead. He looked confused so I says to him, "whats the matter pal I thought you'd be a faster! What? You want an apple too?" I reached in my bag, but by the time I pulled out my apple, and cocked my arm back he was gone. He's not very sociable guys so try to be sensitive if you see him.... lmao jokes ya'll, but if you ever wanna see a bigfoot caught on tape I really don't look forward to peeling it off my toes especially if it's duct tape... JK JK JK ok 4 real this time I did one time see a dark figure run across the back roads, and it was huge, as well as bipedal. Theres no way it was a bear, but my dads gf turned off the headlights out of a knee jerk reaction for some reason, and it bummed me out. I'm almost certain it was a real Sasquatch. if she didn't turn off the head lights it would have been more than a dark large figure 4 sure, but it moved so fast it was pretty disturbing tbh

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