• For me, when we watched movie and then suddenly a "sexy times" appeared. Weird af 😅

  • @medee when I saw an ad of frenzy condoms. They were flavored and was in a cute packaging so I demanded my mom to buy me some XD

  • Movie Buff

    @medee When one of my friend screamed on the phone "Let's get some dicks" as a joke and obviously I laughed but turned around to found my mum behind me the whole time...let's just say it was weird and awkward 😂😂

  • hahah yeah mine too when the kissing scene come out idk how to act should i change the channel or leave pretend grab some water or what lol
    and its just me and my feelings find it weird lol, my parents are fine maybe don't care or they don't know that i know. so when they having sex they will lock their room which is that strange because that not something usually they do. and they will take a bath in the early morning 😄

  • @medee hey message me

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