• The house is eerily quiet, everything tense. She left her room after watching a movie; everybody was cleaning in silence as though she missed something serious. She looks around at her brother who is fixing a cabinet door, an arch in his eyebrow that only appears every now and again. Her mother cleaning the table her eyes puffy and red from previous tears. Her father cleaning dishes, as he never does. All people in the house seem to be forcing themselves to do something in order to forget the past hour. The little girl, still not knowing what had happened, is intoxicated with the quietdue surrounding, she dare not utter a word until her mother notice she had emerged from her room."Have you eaten yet? You might want to warm up your food." she says with her soothing voice. There was always something about her mothers voice that always reassured her she was alright and everything in the world was right. She stepped into the kitchen staring at the two plates that seem made but are cold from waiting. One her mothers one hers. She grabes the smallest one feeling the cold glass between her fingertips just makes the quietness more intense. She microwaves it for a minute and a half, she sound echoing in the dining room. After thinking while her food was warming she realised something; there had been an argument that caused everyone to freeze still. A serious enough argument that nobody wanted to continue speaking until the next day. An arguement that leaves the unsaid words cought in your throat leaving a burning sensation all the way to your heart. She missed it thankfully, but she still feels the aftermath of it. After sitting and eating in awkward silence, its time for her to bathe then go to bed. She gets in the bathroom and turns on the water without looking in the mirror. Oh how she repulses herself. Getting into the shower she first starts to wipe her face. Closing her eyes she slowly drags her fingertips across her eyelid and on her eyelashes. Openjng her eyes, she sees nothing but black, darkness. She's wiping off the face she put on to show society. Angry at the world she starts scrubbing her face, making sure all of the fakeness is off. After all, her parents cant seem to agree on something so she is just frustrated at everything. Why do they have to be so negative? After fully finishing her cleaning routine she gets ready for bed, still ignoring the taunting double of herself through the one way glass. She lays in bed letting the cold air touch and kiss her skin before pulling the blanket up to hide her body. Another day gone. Time for the next.

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    I was always waiting for the punchline where we will know what they argued about 😅 will there be part 2?

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  • Dam n, that's what I call an unsettling story. Existential, too. //Abby.83 you are the Anna Kavan of sillyboy TWS.com. And yet ...you do know this thing can't be allowed to have a happy ending?

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