• Ok i need some advices cause my head is going to break . Let me tell you my story . Im 21 years old and i have a twin sister (unfortunately) . When i was a little (i dont remember age) i start notice my parents behavior and how they treat me and my sister. I notice that my parents treated my sister different that me . The always took a good care of her and they didnt did the same with me . I thought it was okay and everything was normal and i didnt give so much attention . When i went into gumnasium our parents bought us phones so we can contacted them if something happened . I cant say it was nice having a phone that days 😝 . Few years ago , i cant say , i was allowed to have a bf but with some conditions. To tell my parents who is he etc . But for my sister they didnt really care . 5 years ago (Me still single) they didnt really like when i had a bf , saying that he isnt good for me etc . My sister found a bf and she kept that a secret for a year from my parents, because he was from albania (i cant say that i have prob with albanias but after him im not so sure anymore) Anyway from all that years when i notice my parents behaviour i kept looking for that (i mean i always payed attention to their moves ) and still my sister is treated better than me . She can go out whenever she want but for me nahh , i used to go out not a lot but 2 or 3 times the week but my parents told me that im goong out often and i should reduce the times i go out . And from that day i went out to meet my friends around 10 times (im a bad friend 😔) and now they tell me that i should go out etc ... thats not gonna happen . When my sister and her fiancee decided to live together my parents bought a lot of things and they gave her money all the time (because they spend their moneys for fun and not for buying food for her house etc) and went i asked for money too the answer was always no. She broke up with him after the sold all our jelery because they didnt have money . Theres a lot of thing still but im not gonna write them cause it will take a lot . I want to leave my house but i dont have a job and i dont have anywhere to be . ***i just hate my life *** i think i deserve better than that cause in all my life till now i was the good girl ....

  • @Lazz my sister is the baddest but anytime they accusing me for wverything she did like its mine fault . Do u know how many time i wanted to live the house ? And how many time i cut myself cause i dont like this life anymore ?

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    I suppose you'll have to learn to bear fruit whereas your wasteful sister will only squander. Latching onto feelings of entitlement will be of no use. Not unless you fight for it anyways.. which is an option if you want to be manipulative lol. Wish you luck !

  • oh, im sorry to hear that, if you ever need someone to talk to or someone to comfort u or cheer u up. im always here for u, i care

  • @Clayt9n thank u 🥺

  • @Cute-bunny your welcome, text me if u want to, ill always reply and ill always try to cheer u up any way i can :)

  • @Cute-bunny I know that frustration. I understand about the wanting to leave and that day will come. Unlike you, I've never really harmed myself, and can't really honestly relate to that, but have had many who do try and explain, so in a way I have some understanding. If you ever want to talk, message me. I always reply when I'm here. Just remember: this is your life NOW, it won't be this way forever.

  • Try to forget what has happened and any injustices or bias towards you that you feel. I suggest you try to continue being a good daughter and do the best you can with the opportunities that come your way. If you try to stay positive about life you won't miss the opportunities when they do come your way because they will!

  • @Cute-bunny In many ways I can very much relate to parts of your story. I have a younger sister, and it was the same at my house, growing up with our parents. I was "the good son" and my sister was a horror, and yet I was always in trouble for something and she always got away with anything she did. I still don't understand why parents are like that, but thankfully, I no longer live in the same State as my sister, and we don't talk at all. I can sympathize, and I wish you well, in your future.

  • @Cute-bunny well from cute bunny you need become tough bunny !! That's is grow up .. stop complaining..
    Second you need to chillax little and breathe , observe, let go..

  • u have no life u read that long paragraph
    its too long I'm not trying to be rude but why u right so much

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    @Cute-bunny wow im sorry about these stuff. So i dont think they pay more attention to her bc they like her more. It could be because they think you are more mature and capable of taking care of your self. But besides all of these , every family has a favorite child. It is what it is and we cant change that. But you can confront your parents about this and any other issue.
    Talking about your problems wont show how weak yu are , it shows that you know whats wrong and yu want to fix them.
    Communicate hope this is helpful.

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    @Allison_IsHere that is some high level and fancy English. Honestly took me a 2nd look to understand but you are right

  • Gamers Live Chat Regulars LurkersForLife

    @Nevaeh-Botello yo chill . She is definitely going through alot. I mean i have lived in this situation as well but i never let jealousy get a hold of me.

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