• I woke up in my brothers room tonight laying in his bed without any clothes he said nothing happened but I'm not sure now I have to ride to school with him tomorrow.

  • @imJulie You'd know from past history if that would be something your mom would be willing to hear you out about, or not. I'd suggest use your own best judgement, and make a good thoughtful decision, and very importantly, choose your words carefully, if you DO talk to her, so as not to give any wrong ideas. Be very clear, open, honest, and truthful. That would be my opinion. Wish you well, and hopefully this doesn't turn into anything very very wrong, if it hasn't already.

  • @Lazz thanks I don't remember going in there but I'm unsure if anything happened aside from being naked in his bedroom. I don't know if came in there naked and got in bed with him or not I just woke up with his arm around me touching my breasts

  • Sounds like he Cosby'd you(edit) ah this is one of those

  • @Lick-Me do u have any socials bcoz i rlly wanna have fun with u

  • @imJulie Regardless of how you got there, if your Brother was awake he should've sent you back OUT. If he was touching you, intimately, that's totally inappropriate! But, I'm stuck wondering, why were you naked? Do you usually sleep naked, or was that the first time? I'd guess you are a younger person, but regardless of age, that's starting to sound a lot like borderline abuse. If that's too strong a term, then it could also be considered molestation, and unwanted sexual attention. Could be Police should be involved, for something that wrong. A talk with your mom might not be the best idea, unless she's an understanding woman. Most moms have a hard time thinking their child could be doing terrible things, so it's a tough subject. If you're in school you could also report it to a trusted teacher or counselor.

  • @imJulie Now, I'm sure you may not want to stir up chaos for you and your family, but this is something very serious. NO-ONE, especially NOT someone in your own family, like your brother, has any right to assault your body or even TOUCH you in a sexual way without your consent. If you were sleeping, and woke up to being touched, THAT'S without your consent. I doubt it would be considered rape, unless doctors check, and find it was. Since you were sleeping you said you don't know if something else happened, so it would be for the best to FIND OUT. Let someone of authority know. Tell a teacher, or counselor, even your doctor, or a Police officer. I'm sure they can help you find the best course of action, they're trained how to handle things like what you had happen to you.

  • @imJulie Whatever went on, it NEEDS to stop, NOW. If something happened once, chances are it will happen again, and again, unless you do the right thing, get others involved who can help and protect you, and see that something like that NEVER happens to you AGAIN. Be strong, let your voice be heard! Tell someone who can HELP. Alright? Please do at least that. So this can stop before it goes any further. Please, for your own sake

  • @imJulie You should definitely report.
    @Lazz Thanks for all of that :))

  • @Sup I appreciate your thanks, sincerely. But hold on to that, and let's see if she takes or even considers any of my thoughtful advice. If so then I will thank her, and I'll accept your thanks, and will do so with much gratitude.

  • @Sup You're a good person, and now I will thank YOU, for all the ups.

  • @Lazz
    But looking at those tags, I do not think this is a serious matter. She may be making all of that up? If so,then this is highly insensitive because a lot of people have to go through that irl.

  • @Sup I agree whole-heatedly. About the tags, I've seen. There's potential for this to be no more than Role-Playing or similar. If it is, so be it. I haven't wasted any words. I feel I at least made an effort to help someone truly in need, and if it turns out that's not the case, and it's someone playing, that's alright, as well, no hard feelings. I HAD to try to offer suggestions in case this IS a real, and concerning issue.