• I got twice 2nd CHANCE in my life:

    First one when i was child 7 years old, i buy some candies and eat one. but honestly the candy that i have been eating slipped and stuck in the throat. i cant breath for almost 1 hour then my grand ma comes and save me from that candy. (my grand ma brag my back and the candy spoil out from my mouth)
    alt text

    the second on this month, actually there seems normal for me when i get ready to go to college using my motorcycle until i stop and stuck in the traffic jam. suddenly from behind a car hit my motorcycle and fortunately that car isn't on the high speed. i try to hold my motorcycle but useless my motorcycle fall down (and made the mirror on the rights side broken) and i get a scracth wound on my heel.
    alt text

    so how bout u guys, how many 2nd CHANCE did u get??
    i think the lord it self poke me and try to tell me such as
    you should be a good boi.

  • Sorry to hear that. Well, you never know, was not your day of course, and if all the experience makes you pay more attention, it worth. Life beats us with little (or not) sticks to make us stronger.

  • @maytechubcn yeah may u are right, and thanks hihi

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