• Why does no one EVER respond to my posts? Lol.

  • @Vlad20 What are you offering people which makes them think, hey that's an interesting topic/that guy has really grabbed my attention and makes me want to respond to him?

    Unfortunately you're on a site drowning in "bored" people and (mostly) guys just trying to hit people up. If you want people to take notice of you, you need to stand out from the absolute myriad of options here. Write the kind of post which would make you want to reply to it... many of your posts seem to say that you are bored, and that projects the image of someone incapable of entertaining themselves - a boring person.

    It may be the case that even refining what you write won't help. There are so many people here that most of the ones who do want to chat have likely already made plenty of chat partners. But if what you aren't doing now isn't working, changing your approach isn't going to see you any worse off.

  • @Matt_Aranha
    Yea, I know that but there are still cases of guys posting something like -In search for a friend or in search for a chat partner and at least a single person responds.-

  • @Matt_Aranha
    Anyway, the thing I posted saying “no one is replying” is kind of bullshit, cause I did get replies, but I just had nothing to do, so I posted this shit lol, never mind.

  • @Matt_Aranha
    Oh and also, check out my “Trump” post, how is that not unique, not dragging attention? Lol

  • @Vlad20 I don't pretend to have the answers, but I'd suggest math? Which receive more responses, the ones who say they're bored or the ones who don't? Is it something to do with the time of day the posts are made at? I'm just throwing suggestions out, I've seen the posts too, some get bites and some don't - as you say it is only some cases which get a response, so if you're not relying on probability you need to stand out.

    So, you got replies then were so bored you thought you'd post that you had no replies? Okay 👍

    Yeah I saw your Trump post. I wasnt criticising you. You appeared to be somebody asking for help and have even tagged "tell me", if you're just posting for larks then that's your call but now you seem a little surprised that somebody actually reached out to try and lend you a hand. I saw your profile, read that your here pretty much for RP, saw that you'd had jack all responses to most of your appeals for conversation when bored... it's a fair assumption to think that those were the posts you meant when you made this one - nobody is likely to imagine you mean your other posts (where you have had replies), because why would you? 🤷‍♂️

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