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    Many criminals are sentenced to death. Is that a reasonable punishment? Or is it too extreme?

  • The death penalty is not fair,I'd go as far as saying that it is immoral. Taking a life is wrong no matter how you look at it. There are many more options and resources that could be utilized in these types of situations. Nobody deserves to have their life taken, not even criminals.

  • Totally depend on crime 😯😯

  • @layla Well if you took someone else's life, why do you think you deserve to live? But then again why do we think we have the right to take someone else's life because (s)he took that another person's life? It's pretty paradoxical. We are playing God.

  • I do not think that someone can take the right to live from anyone else. No one is above human level. Humans judge humans but humans cannot decide something like that. Not even robots. Si I do not think it should exist. We only have right to this life so why should I be able to take another's life? No one can do God's role. Punishment should not surpass the physical level. I wish it made sense though

  • @allursnmt Torture? Isn't it a crime to make other person suffer? All I hear is crime over crime over crime over crime. Torture is an unhuman thing to do. Why should we incite to more violence? Couldn't there exist programs that would appeal to bright side of the soul instead of more suffering? How will you preduce correctness if you don't practice it?

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    @meyouandsomemore See buddy...
    If you want to make diamond out of coal.....It should be first suffer from tremendous heat down the earth ....even after that..It suffers from
    glass hammering ....and then it gets its Value
    Same with the Gold...It also suffers
    So...same reason For human...Although .....human deserves it...

  • I think its too humane. If somoine lets say goes to a kindergaren rapes all the kids and then drowns them. We shouldnt even kill min considering he was in his right mind and knew what he was doing. I would lock that fcker up alone till he dies you could consider that a death penalty or not. This would actualy stop poeple from doing it becouse most poelple who would do those thing dont realy want to live probably.

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  • [The death penalty] is a cheap way for politically inclined people to pretend to their fearful constituencies that something is being done to combat crime.

  • @layla yes but it has to be 100pct with no doubt at all

  • Death sentence is a very reasonable punishment for some crimes and is very harsh for others.!
    Like if some one raped a 10 yo kid then death sentence would be very reasonable for that person..

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    @layla Death is the most soft penalty I think so.........
    Torcture till death or
    First torture and then there should be at least an attempt should be make for making them a better person...(Offcourse it all should be depended on the Criminal Behaviour)
    What you think???🙌

  • I honestly think it needs to be done more. We live in a sick world filled with twisted people. Why not get rid of the ones that are just gonna bring society down?

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    @cid-cid I agree...but...Impulsive crimes are the explosions of their emotions...They can be rehabitated...
    But planned criminals never feels guilty
    They could be use their cleverty on good side but they didn't....So...they deserve death

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    It is good for serial killers and serious criminals, not for petty crimes. They deserve the death penalty.

  • @allursnmt would you put yourself under near death torture? Why do you wish someone who you consider equal to you in god's image to suffer from that? Torture is deeply traumatizing and you cannot predict the outcome. We cannot decide for others based on our feelings towards previous actions. All we want is to see others suffer..

  • Criminals that are sentenced to death are there because the took the life of one or more people. The Bible say an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If you could ask the people that were murdered by the person on death row. What do you think they would say. I think they would say yes it's fair. The person that is sitting on death row didn't care if it was right to murder someone and they didn't care about they're rights either. So that murderer has more rights then the people they murdered. Don't want the death penalty the don't murder anyone!!!

  • @layla i think it is fair bc they probably deserved it

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