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  • talking about whats happening in our lives, doing nothing just focus on each other phone, go out find something to eat, try find some good place to take pictures.

  • Laugh like Hyenas ...Seriously ,it's like even looking at each other is a recipe for a smile.

    & man ,when we start ragging & teasing each other,
    ..its like whole comedy shows pale to the performance & funny factor.
    Seriously ....we regularly laugh so much ,we get stomach aches or cheeks ache ...hell even tears leak simply from laughing.

    Talk about whats happening in life ,laugh some more ..laugh at each others misfortune ..laugh at girlfriend troubles if there are any .
    (if you are expecting sympathy & awww's ...then you are in the wrong group
    ..that comes much later
    ..You'll feel like beating each of the others asses when You're burning in your own hell & they are pouring gasoline in the flame.)

    Often time their own personal tasks will be delegated to another who does it well,there'll be lots of grumblings ,threats of not doing the work if they dont stop teasing ..even more terasing & ragging follows.

    .. I'm sure if outsiders listen in on us will think we're a bunch of psychopaths & should be locked up in prison ..but..
    ..It's kind of a bizarre setup ,but its one we are comfortable with. :joy: :joy:

  • @stranger_danger its exciting man...i'm really fan of u...

  • @vahid-0 my best friend is now my girlfriend...sooo ummm yea ;)

  • but my close friends we mainly just goof off and do dumb shit we'll regret later on in life