• Everyone's perception of life is different, we all know that. I hope. Mine seems a little different than those around me so I don't know if mine is ridiculous or genius. Maybe its both, or neither, since none of us truly know what it is anyway.
    I pretty much picture most of life as a mindset now. Whether we choose to be happy or sad, take something as good or bad, that is all our decision. Life isn't great, and it isn't horrible, it just.... is. However we want to take it is how it is lived. Two kids growing up living the same life with two different mindsets could have very different outlooks of the world around them. From the things they like, to the things they do, and say. Our mindset creates the world around us, fake or not, it is all made up in our head anyway.
    What if our after life is the same way?
    What if after living our life here, where we decide to take our own paths and create a life with our set mind, when we die we continue whatever that mindset is? Here is where we learn and elsewhere is where we stay.... that would be interesting.
    I kind of just feel like we have so much control and yet no control at all over our lives.
    I will just continue to construct the world the way I want it, because that's what our mindsets do.

  • @OliveOlivia
    I understand how you feel, I sometimes feel like that in life!