I'm looking for information on my Peruvian ancestors and Peruvian history

  • My father has told me that we descend from Peruvian Royalty, possibly Incan Royalty. He is told that there was a sickly Incan King who had a daughter and a son. His daughter would inherit the throne and this made his son very angry. The king's son made a plan. He paid pirates to kidnap his sister and take her to Canada so he would inherit the throne.

    I am looking to verify this information. I do have some information that corroborates with this story that has been passed down for generations:

    My gg grandmother, Maria Monrroi Molina, was born in Peru in 1847, I can't quite make out the state, it looks like OLORILLO but I'm not sure. Somehow she ended up in Canada when she was 19, where she married Amador Molina who was born in Argentina. I can't find any information on her father, Joseph Monrroi.

    If anyone can help at all, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • @JeanneGenealogy consult the bro of the grandma of the father of your grandma's grandfather.