• My dreams are confusing. When I am dreaming, I have no idea that I am in a dream. The most crazy and bizarre things can happen in my dreams and I still wont know that I am dreaming. In fact, in my dreams I will have memories with all the characters and I will know their names and background stories, even if those characters are as weird as a fish out of water and I've never met or seen them before in a previous dream or real life. I have almost no control and I am completely unaware that I am dreaming.
    But my brain isn't?
    I've always just said that my dreams don't feel like dreams, they feel very real and vivid, from the way things look, feel, smell, and taste. I have no control of what will happen and what other characters will do and say, I can only control myself. Like in real life. However, I have stared to realize that even though I am not in control, I am controlling everything, without trying.
    For example, I often have dreams of being chased, yet I am never caught.
    Earlier today I had a dream that I was walking with high hells on a slippery floor, but I never fell.
    I've had dreams with demons, ghosts, scary pop ups, "scary" things. Things that would make me shit my absolute pants in real life, but in my dreams, none of those things phase me, and none of those things can touch me. They can only try to scare me, and they always fail.
    So I cant even have bad dreams....
    When something in my dream is about to happen that I don't want to happen, it will change.
    I am not purposely changing it, in those moments I don't even know I am dreaming.
    I wish I could explain this better, but there have been weird things happening in my dreams too.
    White horses, and vulnerable family members, I am not trying to put these things in my dreams but theyre coming up and theyre constructing odd scenarios and conversations.
    Why is this happening?
    If I am not controlling my dreams, why are these weird things happening, why do things happen in my favor?
    Am I secretly controlling my dreams and I don't know? If I were, why wouldn't I know I am dreaming?
    Is my brain, subconscious, or something trying to tell me something?
    I've never been one to believe in "meanings in dreams" but some of the dreams I have make me feel like my subconscious is trying to show me something and Im too stuck in my dream to realize it.
    Maybe it is that deep, maybe its not deep at all.
    How are your dreams? Do you think dreams have any underlining meaning? Why do you think we have dreams?

  • @OliveOlivia Our dreams always tell us about something, and I've found psychological dream interpretation quite enlightening (often fits perfect to what I've been going through in real life). Sadly I only know one good dream symbol lexicon and that's in german :shrug: (https://www.lexikon-der-traumdeutung.de/)

    Maybe dreams contain even more, like some people have actually seen future events. Question is wether that's just luck, random, a mixing up of the dreams memory with reality or something else.

  • @petrapark3r I've had dreams that fit into the future, typically within the next day or week something in my dream will end up happening irl😂 freaky stuff!

  • @OliveOlivia when you get in a deep sleep. Your brain manifests dreams of what you have been thinking about. Scary huh lol

  • @OliveOlivia That isn't as uncommon a phenomenon as you might expect. It fits non-linear time theories, and is speculated that when we are asleep some of us use parts of the brain which are normally dormant to somehow legitimately access/view events yet to occur.

  • @David-Collins Sometimes I have dreams of things I haven't thought of in a long time

  • @Matt_Aranha how is that even possible

  • @OliveOlivia There is much we have yet to learn. Things we call now call basic science were treated as the highest magic only a few hundred years ago. Perhaps in a thousand more years we'll laugh at how things like this weren't understood at the time.