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    If you had one thing you always wanted to do, a place you always wanted to see, a personal dream. But unfrotunately work/life/other means got in the way. If you had the time/means to now follow that dream, see the place, do the thing you always wanted to do. What would it be?

  • Great question, BR. I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU HANGING.

    You're right about work and life getting in the way. I HATE that stuff.

    Thing One I'd do? I'd write a really, really ambitious, state-of-the-nation novel. Think of the deepest, cleverest novel you ever read. Mine would be MORE deep and clever.

    Thing Two I'd do? There's a forty-foot-by-forty-foot dual carriageway underpass near where I live that's crying out for graffiti. I'd be on it like Sonic. One big design that'd get me Banksy's crown overnight.

  • @BritishRob I would go to India, acquire a quality sitar, learn to play Indian classical sitar music. Preferably at the feet of someone like Anoushak Shankar. Or buy a cheap sitar off Ebay, stay home, learn to play it on my own. Get bored with it within months, and go back to guitar.

  • @BritishRob Backpack the world. Everytime I travel abroad it is never long enough and I am never ready to come back. I recently went to Reykavik Iceland but did not get to do any ice-climbing. I would like to try that among other things. What about you?

    What would you like to do?

  • @BritishRob

    I'd wanna travel around the whole world visiting every single city out there

  • @BritishRob
    my dream might sound really lame and unambitious, but i've always wanted to do a road trip through the midwest states. start from michigan and drive all the way down to louisiana, and visit every single small town, rest stop and gas station along the way. obviously i'd do it all alone, since i'm schizoid to the max~

    i don't know why, but the idea of driving down an empty midwest highway at night, with cool breezy air and my favorite tunes playing in the background, sounds incredibly beautiful & romantic to me. i can almost, like, picture it in my head

    i mean, i might get shot by a farmer midway through my trip, but i don't care, i'd still do it~

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    @Lazz Great. You should definitely go, follow the passion, get out there and learn from the best. India is a lovely place with lovely people, I've been a couple times and funnily enough heading back out there at the end of the year.

  • @BritishRob Well, as Indrid Cold mentioned, there are always things to do, work, life stuff, so travel isn't going to happen for me, anytime soon. I've always been drawn to India. no idea why. I enjoy the music, the people, the incense, and culture, etc. John Lennon once said life is what happens while you were busy making other plans, so...

  • lurker creepy profile picture but if you find a way to do that let me know. I want to create a gold travel show but I'm not very camera friendly and sound even worse on radio LOL

  • golf travel show

  • sarah the magpipe you should hook up with someone I met who wants to go to every state fair in the us. not what some may deem overly exciting but relaxing and obtainable.

  • sounds very route 66

    and thank you british rob for asking a great question. you haven't posted your "one thing" what is it?