How an Atheist sees death....

  • As an Atheist in a rather religious state, one question that has been asked of me a lot is "So where do you think you go when you die?"

    The short version is "In a coffin". But let's actually answer the question for once:

    Look at a wheel. This is your brain.

    Spin the wheel. This is your mind as it thinks, feels, loves, hates, craves, desires, contemplates, creates, sings, fights- it's everything that makes you You.

    Now reach out and stop this wheel. Make the wheel hold still.

    Where did the Spin go? Where did the love, hate, creativity, lust, passion, anxieties, dreams, hopes, and fears go for that brain? The things that made you You.

    Now you may understand how an Atheist sees death.

    In short- Life is a verb. So live a little.

  • After death is the same as before life

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