• When you get lonely, down, in despair...
      You look at the people, you watch and stare..
      Blank faces from some, others look glum,
      Then you sit, you think, "No one cares."

    • Trapped in this cycle of gray so dark,
      See how others look to embark,
      For this is the voice,t he voice of reason,
      The one from the depths, your inner treason.

    • If when it comes, you find yourself here,
      In this place that's so close, so close it brings fear,
      Spend time for a second, take a minute away,
      There is a chance, that you decide to stay.

    • Back to the people, so far and wide,
      You want to stop, "Get me off this ride",
      For they seem so happy, beaming with pride,
      So you look in the mirror,you've no chance hide!

    • Changes, troubles, problems to boot,
      Will you ever, get to the root?,
      For the proverb of life, the one you ignore,
      For reasons unknown, knocks at your door....

    • Is this the end, "Are we finished now?",
      Close the curtain, you don't know how!,
      The days that roll, roll in to one,
      Make things much harder, much less fun.

    • Stand up straight, head high!,
      For now is time, time to say goodbye!
      Show a smile, ..... take a bow,
      Its time to leave, leave the beautiful crowd.

  • I like your poem.

  • @lovelysad said in This is a little bit of my spare time I wish to share:

    I like your poem.

    Thank you :)

  • Hmm. Good prose, good tempo. No skips no stumbles. Was this way as it was first imagined? If True you got me beat! What was the thought behind "leave these beautiful people " what are beautiful people?