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    3 days away from opening night of NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

    I'am Toronto Maple Leafs fan ever since i was little kid and I'm very excited and nervously at same time because i feared and knowing of Boston Bruins is exceptional good time and were
    having difficult times to beat them. Aslo, last year they beat us in game 7 and six years ago
    2013 game 7, Leafs leading 4-1 lead in thrid period and....... just watch it. :tired_face: :cry: :cry:
    Video #1 ( i would highly recommend put on headphones to watch real hockey experience) :wink: :wink:

    Video #2 (2013)

    Although i fucking love playoffs, its most exciting time in sports and each team who qualified in
    the playoffs, they bring thier beast mode to past three rounds onto Stanley Cup Finals.
    They are unpredictable sometimes and what's the best part of it? is Overtime filted with non stop
    Action of back to back chances, huge hits, 2 on 1 situations, goalpost, upsets/collapses/victorious,
    Controversy in some cases. Yeah

    I think April 10th is set for game 1 between Bruins and Maple Leafs.. Im still waiting for
    Official playoff schedule. I'll update later.

    If you still dont understand how Boston Bruins are tough AF. watch this video here
    The Hockey Guy will explain it to you.

    Video #3

    Ignore this part
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