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    I never post a topic in long time. well, TWS is dead af, all my friends went vanished
    no one around and except for voting/election thingy going on here and be frankly,
    i do care a little because i dont like to vote in general. whoever wins the election..
    congrads!!!!! these six videos below i just watched recently. enjoy!

    The two first videos are from DSPgaming playthrough of Life is Strange Before the storm commentary.

    VIDEO #1
    ( SKIP TO 8:19 DSP slammed and totally trashed this game for worst episodic game ever made )

    VIDEO #2
    ( SKIP TO 2:10 DSP reacts to dramatic scene between of chloe and racheal.
    4:17 DSP criticizes the writing is not great.
    4:53 The game crashed.
    10: 00 DSP learned that the voice actor of Chloe from original LIS game,
    is the writer of this game. )





    well thats it. can't put too much in here. i will post another topic like this
    maybe tommorrow or day after? meh. thanks for watching.
    :v: :v: @Global-Moderators @Movie-Buffs @Freedom-Writers-Writing
    @Music-Lovers @Pamela @Ash33 @TheRisingSun @KorgLife17 @NutellaBigGoat
    @Evan-Elderson <----- i miss this guys -----------------------^

  • Movie Buff

    @Div what do you mean im back? im always here in out in out.
    and yeah tws is boring place to be here.

  • Movie Buff

    @Div alright i do them as like series or something.
    oh yeah did you finished them all the videos?
    and which one you liked?

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