• Entry 1.. here's mine..

  • @cjko 2019-02-12_21.39.02.jpg

    One of my gems☺☺😊😊

  • Sharing my lovely poem. Again.

    Into the abyss we fall.png


    Now it's all just pretend.
    I will never see the end.
    Crying and complaining for any-
    Meaningless sympathy.

    Everyone here surrounds me,
    they try so hard.
    To cheer me up.
    But all i do is drag them down.
    Into the void.
    That i withhold.

    Darker, yet darker.
    It all grows.
    Feels so much lighter.
    But i'm just one who follows.

    Playing intricate mind tricks.
    Confusing you with a simple flick.
    Robbing you of your time.
    Soon, it's goodbye.

    Taking what i reap and sow.
    Consuming like an air bellow.
    Gaining your trust.
    It just takes a thrust.
    The hit would be fast.
    Is that a must?
    The need for lust.
    Breaking the crust.
    I must. I must.

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @cjko that would be so much more convenient than the blindfold!! πŸ˜†

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

  • @IM-NOT-

    this is cool.. such an innovative idea. I thought that's the bird box. have you seen that movie? haha

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @IM-NOT-H***Y you genius. (also, laughing my a s s off here, i thought you were a girl) πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ❀

  • here's the catfishes i've doodled through out the week lmao




  • This isn't another "tragic" poem and it isn't made by me...
    But it always gives me hope when i am not feeling too well:


  • @cjko Here is a song i made two (?) years ago:

    Every day

    I see us walking every day through these streets.
    The world would like us to pay for our deeds.
    Enemies want that we beg for mercy,
    until we push up some daisy.

    Wandering through these streets
    always a routine.
    Appears to one
    like some inanity.

    Our world burns in some places.
    Seeing, how armies destroy entire palaces.
    Everywhere war and pain,
    but knowing about it is only vain.

    Being lied to every time from anew.
    Seeing, how they pull us until we spew.
    With propaganda being forced against each other,
    until it finally snaps in the other.
    Seeing in the end how everything is being torn up.
    Even so, how your best friend places you in lockup.

    Humans starve, we don't even care...
    Some complain about it: "THIS IS NOT FAIR!"
    Devouring other nations, like a jackal.
    You think to yourself: "This world is fecal..."

    You try to change this world
    and see, how taxes are wasted by the rich old.
    Then you blame everything just another person
    and yet hear only to the same version.

    The masses follow the one deceiver,
    the others follow the one schemer.

    Say something wrong and you will shudder.
    Then comes the police and you will see some shutter.
    Something like that is called a police state.
    And if you fight it: speech of hate.

    The majority calls this an illusion.
    Founded was another division,
    which will hunt you until the end.
    Or until one of your legs bend.

    Now they have got you, what will they do?
    Which sickening things will they do to you?
    You say goodbye to your loved ones with a last glance.
    A guard says that he will make you feel sufferance.

    Later you get to the mental asylum.
    In the papers they say, you zapped people in denial.

    I see you walking every day through this cell.
    The world would like to see you in hell.
    Threatened you to cut your head off,
    but rights activists would scoff it off.

    You fill yourself up with drugs,
    to forget everything.
    Some give you for that some hugs,
    and begin to no longer eat anything.

    Some people kill one for cash,
    a drug lord enjoys his Ferrari, doing some dash.
    You see in front of you an entire ocean,
    made up from merchants, doing sales promotion.
    Selling guns and drugs for the half price,
    somebody else places fresh organs on ice.

    You stand around, nothing makes sense.
    You look into your wallet and there aren't even cents.

    You see how everything slowly ends.
    And loose in the end your only balance.

    I wrote this "song" originally in german, so some things don't sound quite right.
    It sounds better in the original, anyway.

  • @Karina-Kara If you do sing it, I'd really like to hear it. I think you should do it in German since that is the original language it was in.

  • Entry 10: Meme HAHAHA


  • CBF72EA4-F543-4C29-B185-43F44F85C3E6.jpeg

  • @astral-baby

    That has a strange ressemblance with a furby πŸ˜‚

    alt text

  • Music Lovers Movie Buff Freedom Writers GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    @cjko Although I steal memes sometimes but I create them myself too.
    Below memes are made by me
    alt text
    alt text

  • megan and harry.jpg

  • @Karina-Kara I'm sticking with you from now on, KK. Dark poem, but the vibe says you know what's going on.

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