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    Your eyes shine bright like a full moon at midnight,
    The constellations emphasizing every beautiful feature.
    The colors contrasting, making every star fit effortlessly perfect,
    The way their hair falls reminds me of a shooting star, graceful and sends happiness through every inch of the galaxy to be able to see it happen.
    Rarely do we see the moon eclipse, causing the brightness to fade.
    Seeing a different side of the still beautiful moon, showing different color, different definition.
    Brightness is a gorgeous feature, although darkness can be as well.
    For its how you handle the darkness that makes the moon and stars so spectacular.
    If all the stars and constellations went dark in your eyes, then what would be that beautiful night sky?
    Even in day when were unable to see the shine of the stars, they're always there
    Always providing that security that the night will once come again
    Some fear darkness while others welcome, but how can one shone if there's already light?
    The eyes I stare into to see the beautiful sky, gives me insight on what's on the outside.
    The beautiful, everlasting, never ending space
    Its color its style completely untouched by humans and their creations.
    The natural beauty is truly breathtaking
    Making every thing else seem so plain
    I will forever be in awe of the space and stars we see
    Its so much greater than all of us, even you, even me

    no its not suppose to rhyme

  • @Abby-83 beautiful!. I just fainted ;-)

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  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

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  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

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    The sun, the moon, the stars of the expanse
    The wind in the air, the sands of time beneath our feet
    How can one find such a love so discrete
    You are the hidden wonder, no doubt I have a chance
    But chance alone cant arrange,
    the place that we should meet

    The telescope, the astrolabe,
    Tools of discovery
    Searching for you in time and space
    For together we shall be

    How can one heart beating,
    take so much of love depleting
    Missing you gets harder daily
    Loving you is easy, but maybe,

    We are to be apart alas,
    A discovery to be left to the giants before us
    On mountains we see the signs of you
    Those who seek you, may find you true

    The brave, the many, the strong, the few

  • That's amazing!!!😊😊😊
    I have example items for a handout on love poems and nothing but love poems

    Example of Concrete or Shape Poems

    Have students write a love poem in the shape of a heart.
    Make heart outlines and have students write everything that loves means to them in the heart.

    Example Rhyme Pattern Poetry

    • Write a limerick or rhyme scheme poem
    • Example poem Aovely Look: AA BB
    • A Lovely Look
    • A lovely look in the hall A
    • Turn, giggle, and wish he were tall A
    • Write a note, fold it just so B
    • Send a friend and wait for a hello B
    • Example of Syllable Count Poetry
    • Tanka - a five-line poem
    • Example of Tanka – Love Drifts Slowly
    • Love drifts slowly by (5 syllables)
    • I want to catch the feeling (7 syllables)
    • Bring it close to me (5 syllables)
    • I clutch it and don’t let go (7 syllables)
    • Warmth shooting to every vein (7 syllables)

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