That's amazing!!! I have example items for a handout on love poems and nothing but love poems Example of Concrete or Shape Poems Have students write a love poem in the shape of a heart. Make heart outlines and have students write everything that loves means to them in the heart. Example Rhyme Pattern Poetry Write a limerick or rhyme scheme poem Example poem Aovely Look: AA BB A Lovely Look A lovely look in the hall A Turn, giggle, and wish he were tall A Write a note, fold it just so B Send a friend and wait for a hello B Example of Syllable Count Poetry Tanka - a five-line poem Example of Tanka – Love Drifts Slowly Love drifts slowly by (5 syllables) I want to catch the feeling (7 syllables) Bring it close to me (5 syllables) I clutch it and don’t let go (7 syllables) Warmth shooting to every vein (7 syllables)