• This bout the only place i can let out my thoughts but i tend to over think and idk why... idk if its because of my other problems or what...like for example i'l stress over small stuff such as say you wanted to pick a title for a comic book between ''bugs and daffy'' or ''daffy and bugs'' most would probably choose bugs and daffy, me personally lik daffy and bugs because its different but i wonder why are people picking bugs and daffy is it because its the first choice? when someone has a different opinion or something i feel like i choice something wrong.. then another thought proceeds its wrong to be different....then another thought what is ''different'' then think 30 mins about what is different... by the time i finish so much has already happened... cant really enjoy movies cause i'll tend to the same fot it... i'll think of myself in that situation of a movie and think what i would do...by the time i quit thinking the movies over...i feel like if i dont get an anwser im not smart enough or something isnt complete. this can be on any situation...sometimes i'll just think of every possibity of something or what i should of said then be like but what would happen if i said that and so on.... it took me like 10 mins to make the title right... i was gonna put '' i think so much my head hurts everyday'' but then i thought '' i think everday my head hearts'' and like 3 other titles idk why i think like this.. idk if its anxiety or what, what if i didnt mention anxiety would you still mention what might be wrong?... i hate being like this i gotta drink to clear my mind cause it constantly feels like a piece of paper being crumbled 24/7

  • Sporadic thoughts are nothing to be feared. I personally find them helpful in terms of creative writing. You think so much because you have so much to say. If you're truly looking for help, I can give you some advice. It won't be the best since I'm in no way a doctor or psychiatrist, but... I think you're hiding within your mind. Whatever it is you're afraid to say, don't be. Your thoughts swim because they have nowhere to go. I say write about it. Whatever it is... write about it.

  • @RandomCitizen123 i have the same as you been like it for years kept everything to my self until a week ago and broke down and told 3 people who are really close to me about everything and im on the mend now, there are always people there to help you, dont be shy or anything like that to talk to people or someone about what you feel or whats going on

  • You are one of the very few humans who actually use a higher percentage of their brain then anybody else.
    Actually, you are one of the few remaining humans who use their head at all.
    That being said or written:
    I have the very same problem. Thinking about ridiculous situations and occurences that will NEVER happen.
    It seems like a waste of memory but i assure you it is not.
    You strive for perfection. You want to please everybody. You want to get the best possible result.
    I know that too well.
    The thing is that you think you are not good enough. And thus anxiety arises were it should not be.
    Not only that but it is (almost) impossible to achieve the desired result. Something will always be "odd". You cannot satisfy everyone. Sad, but true.

    You should maybe write a diary. Or maybe tape your thoughts. Let them out.
    Or try letting your thoughts disappear. Think about the colour black and focus on it. No other thoughts should interfere.
    Try meditation. Relaxation is the most important issue here. You need something to distract yourself from these thoughts.

    And, as always: You ARE good enough and so is your work. Don't overthink it. Everything is fine as it is and those situations will never occur.
    Fate won't allow that for you.

  • @Karina-Kara ur first part seems more of an ass fluffer, because I can guarantee u no matter what position in school or job, you literally have to think and apply for everything.

    The posters biggest issue here is lack of self confidence, you are born to make choices that could lead to mistakes, but you cant learn from them if u dont make them, and very well could have lead to a success that u never knew u had in you if u never express it. If ur issue is overthinking, like for me I overthink about what is the most logical approach, or should I put more feeling into it and chuck logic away, or do I just not say anything at all (which I end up doing a lot sadly) , if u still catch yourself in a loop go f*ck it and just wing it,.see how it goes. I mean in this scenario Especially the bugs or duffy thing, its just ur personal preference and opinion, like your doing one step ahead of peers that just blindly follow the masses, now u just have to apply thinking into action, which trust me Its really not easy, but we all have it in us, just have to apply it.

  • try listening to the most vapid music you can imagine and watch meaninless action movies like kingsment