• Banned

    Hey fellow life-wasters who sit around on tws all day! Got nothing better to do? Well then you came to the wrong place.
    Whats 4 things you cant live without? People, places or things, doesnt matter as long as you cant see your life functioning normal without them. Its pretty simple, if you have any questions, please beat yourself on the head until your brain is working properly again (If youre lucky enough to still have one) Lets make it a little more interesting too... Take away something on someone else's list and they have to explain how theyd adapt to not having it or them anymore 😜 Letzz do this...

  • Global Veteran

    @SoFa_king_Cody in essence all i 'need' to get started is a knife, good clothing, a means to make fire, and shelter.
    the rest will follow. i don't need anything modern life has to offer , it's all luxuries and entertainment.

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