This is for those that have long nights and even longer days ;)

  • A Day In The Life

    Wake up, stretch, get out of bed,
    To the bathroom, the sink, refresh my head.
    Next the kitchen, the cupboard, some coffee for me,
    This is the part that fills me with glee.

    Down the stairs, out the door, to the street I go,
    This person, that, part of the flow.
    Endless blank faces, vacant stares,
    All of these people without a care,

    Get to work, clock in, things to do,
    What’s in store, I haven't a clue.
    To my locker, my boots, got to get to it,
    This day won't end if I don't peruse it.

    Clickety Clack bang and boom,
    The noise of the place affects through and through,
    Lunch arrives, I'm glad for the break,
    I nothing more than sanity’s sake!

    Eat, drink, laugh with the boys,
    We talk about rubbish and the purchase of toys.
    Finish up, get ready it's back to the grind,
    For this is no good for the spotless mind.

    Clean up, hand over, pass on to the crew,
    All of the things still required to do.
    Boots off, clock out, I'm homeward bound,
    For there's to keep me on that holy ground.

    Keys out, door open, I ascend the stairs,
    My home, my sanctuary, no need to wander where.
    Sit down, relax, take the weight off my feet,
    Oh, for crying out loud I need to eat!

    Hit the shower, refresh, forget about the day,
    I wouldn't have it any other way.
    More coffee, make dinner, relax and feel fat,
    This is the end of the day, at last that’s a fact.

  • @shaun-durwin who's Shaun? Where's peanut?
    M a day away from TWS and i come back to aliens!
    Nice poem ☺❤

  • @wildwallflower After care and consoderation of that dry roasted peanut I didcided that I needed to eat him. Could no longer stand the temptation. lol

  • @shaun-durwin aah! Roasted peanuts!!!!

  • awesome!!!

  • @darkice Thanks :)