• Tense and unheard, as something grips within
    Power that is of the possessed, I call upon sin
    To conjure the cruelties within me, to destroy
    Tears flow as the blood swells my heart, to ploy
    Furnace of my reverence, for the ferocious being
    A demon soul, this secret shade of my glorifying
    Release this of my entirety, to acknowledge pain
    That shall be reaped upon you, my pleasured gain
    It was put here through years, of this haunted time
    Hear the screams to the night shades, for its crime
    The ignorance of your own doubt, for this pleasure
    Of youโ€™re torn soul, and shredded selfless measure
    Bearing the fruit of your agony, that I satisfy this
    Everyone and of everything, in equal fatal bliss
    This decomposition, of your courage takes hold
    Now you foresee the hate in me, my eyes turn cold
    Unfeeling, to your suffering that I inflict relentlessly
    This is me, this is what I can be, is me so mercilessly
    Was it not perceived of me, that I can be of this way?
    Did no one inform your ears, for you to mind of this day?
    For the ides of March, inflicted to Caesar by the many
    Thus vengeance can be granted within the singularity
    Be it the conclusion, of a concentration, of that hate
    This anger I hold inside, no army I need to congregate
    Exhausted I maybe at many times, until I ask persistence
    So I thus seek the fury again, against your petulance
    Relive the timeless and infinite joy, the ripping of you
    So that I may urinate, upon your dying body so blue
    Gone is any sense of humanity, when I am this demonic
    The darkness within my rebirth, unhindered and chronic
    Sinister pleasure I feel, when forever in the grasp of it
    This everlasting companion, my friend and allied spirit