When will the people cross the boundaries of gender , age, religion, nationality and be human. Just like me. If it rings a bell I am.here

  • I am a stranger to more than 7 billion people. This is my message in a bottle "you!! Yes you!!! reading this is a beautiful human. You are enough to be happy. Just like me.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    All this stuff wasn't widely accepted til present day now ( somethings were ) but i don't think that we're all just gonna be human one day maybe it's the fact that there's so many of us and we want to name our selves instead of being in one massive group where every person judges you . We have different genders and things only because it makes us comfortable , it makes you feel special sort of . In my opinion all this is just part of being human at least we aren't seperating our selves because of stupid things . Gender is serious it's like there are different types of white blood cells with their unique purpose that's like us humans

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