What are something's you done to help u get through tough times?

  • I find that's sometimes people are going through so much and they have no clue how to deal with it and I would like to know what you guys to when your in those s aituations.

  • You can escape by reading books, connect with nature, talk to a trusted friend, write why you are feeling that way, listen to some upliftling music, go outside and see another perspective.Lastly, SMILE. Everything will be fine 🙂

  • @Najeetheanalyst

    My only escape in the worst times is working out. It's like an escape cuz if you wanna do a good job at it, you gotta put your mind in it so it's like your mind goes blank and you can focus only on the said workout.
    It also elps you get in shape, healthier and is a stress relief!

  • when im in those situations i just lock myself in my room...blast my fav music and each chocolate icecream and look at stupid cheesy trump memes..it helpes to be able to laugh in those situations

  • I team up others in online games who are going through the same things.

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  • Went to a mental hospital, just got out about two days ago. Look I know things are tough but we have to see the light in things. Like for example to keep me positive, I am grateful for a bed when I can get one. I am grateful for meals, food. I am grateful for a blanket because some people don't even have that. Think about the glass half empty theory.
    We are in difficult times, and the only way I got through it was, the support from the hospital. I think we should all come together in these hard times. I am thankful for my friends, This year is going to start looking up. Last year was the worst, but now it's going to start looking up.

  • Soul Searchers

    Hey life too short too worry

  • i write when ever i go through a hard time and listining to music helps too but i depend on my faith in christ and read the bibble and pray

  • Soul Searchers

    I suffer with meantal heathl too life gets tough tho but I like my music too

  • Having proper alone time where I just sit with my own thoughts; it's really different from being preoccupied with something and really helped me to process my thoughts over time!

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